Waterproof flooring is available in several materials

Pet accidents, faulty appliances, and muddy boots aren't a problem when you have waterproof flooring in your home. Laminate, ceramic, natural stone and vinyl are popular flooring materials that repel water. These materials resist stains and abrasion, too. Kingdon's Home Center in Watseka, Illinois, provides a wide variety of trendy styles in each of these materials. We are a locally owned business that was established in 1975.

Natural stone

Most natural stone that is quarried from out of the earth is porous. Therefore, your one-of-a-kind floor must be sealed periodically throughout its lifespan to retain its water-repelling capability. Stone is inherently burn, scratch, and dent-resistant, and it tolerates heavy foot traffic very well. Granite, marble, slate, travertine, and sandstone are popular stones. Stone tile is installed with mortar, and the stones are joined together with grout.

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Ceramic tile is made with clay and then hardened in a kiln. Glazed ceramic is waterproof. The tile often comes in standard sizes and solid or limited colors. Ceramic tile is shaped with coarse clay, while inherently waterproof porcelain, a type of ceramic, is made of fine kaolin clay. Porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic. Tiles come in many colors and designs, including those that mimic hardwood and stone.


Waterproof vinyl flooring imitates hardwood, stone, and ceramic flooring. Sheet vinyl, which is cut from a large roll for each project, has no or few seams, so water pools on the surface. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are thicker than sheet vinyl. Most brands have a wood-plastic composite or a stone plastic composite core. WPC flooring and virtually indestructible SPC flooring can tolerate water for long periods.
Waterproof flooring in Watseka, IL from Kingdon's Home Center


Like vinyl, waterproof laminate flooring mimics three natural materials. Laminate and luxury vinyl planks and tiles are usually designed for floating floor installation, so no attachment to the subfloor is needed. Laminate flooring has a fiberboard core, so it is always warm underfoot. Planks and tiles are also available in standard brands. Waterproof brands repel water for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer, usually about one day. In addition to flooring products and installation services, Kingdon's Home Center offers appliances, furniture, Sealy mattresses, and more. We service everything we sell. We serve an area that includes the following communities: Watseka, IL, Crescent City, IL, Iroquois, IL, Gilman, IL, Gilman, IL, Milford, IL, Kentland, IN, Onarga, IL, Ashkum, IL, && Donovan, IL. You can contact us via phone or email to start your waterproof flooring project. Or stop by our showroom in Watseka.