Laminate flooring offers wood and tile looks, and more!

Laminate flooring offers an upscale look for a price that is lower than the natural materials it mimics. Laminate is versatile, easy to clean, and requires no maintenance. Further, with its wood-based composition, the flooring is guaranteed to be warm underfoot year-round. Kingdon's Home Center has a laminate showroom in Watseka, Illinois, where you can find the latest flooring styles. Also, we offer appliances, Schrock cabinets, Sealy mattresses, and furniture.

Tile and wood-look flooring

Laminate floors have a wood or tile look. Planks and tiles have four layers that are bonded together during the lamination process. The backing layer, which provides support for the flooring, is under the fiberboard core. The design layer is above the core, and a wear layer protects this digital photo of hardwood, stone, or ceramic. Some laminate brands are labeled ‘waterproof.’ Typically, this wood-based synthetic flooring can repel water for up to 30 hours. The flooring is not damaged by water as long as the manufacturer’s guidelines are followed.

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Flooring AC rating

The durability of laminate is measured by an AC rating that is noted on each brand. The flooring must pass a series of tests before entering the marketplace. Planks and tiles are tested for swelling under moist conditions and resistance to abrasion, burns, impact, and stains. Flooring with an AC1 rating is suitable for low-traffic areas of the home, while flooring with an AC2 rating is ideal for general residential use. AC3 flooring withstands heavy residential use. For optimum durability, choose a laminate with an AC3, or even an AC4, rating.

Your Watseka laminate flooring installation professionals

Most laminate flooring brands do not need to be attached to a subfloor. Instead, the planks and tiles are designed to connect, and the floor floats above the subfloor. Therefore, it is easy to install this man-made flooring in the basement and other areas of the home. Underlayment is placed on the subfloor first, and a vapor barrier is included in moisture-prone areas. Underlayment hides minor subfloor imperfections and cushions the impact of footsteps.

he installation team at Kingdon's Home Center can install any type of laminate floor. Eastern Illinois communities that we serve include Watseka, IL, Crescent City, IL, Iroquois, IL, Gilman, IL, Gilman, IL, Milford, IL, Kentland, IN, Onarga, IL, Ashkum, IL, && Donovan, IL. We invite you to take advantage of our laminate flooring expertise. Stop by our showroom in Watseka and talk to one of our friendly flooring specialists.